January 22, 2013

Human Rights Clubs in Rwanda (Youth Leadership Program)


Narrator: "Just outside of Kigali, Rwanda, four alumni of a U.S. Department of State educational exchange program host human rights clubs for local high school students. These high school students, dressed in white and blue, participate in these clubs where they engage in various educational activities led by the exchange program alumni."

Sharon: "We have five high school clubs. And each one in each province of Rwanda. This is the second workshop now and we're working with the National Human Rights Commission. We thought of human rights because it really impressed us when we went there. When we learned about it. We needed other children and other high school students to know about what we learned."

Narrator: "Sharon and the other alumni were part of the Youth Leadership program in which they travelled to the United States for a four-week program where they learned about a number of things including leadership development, team building exercises, and human rights."

Sharon: "We finished our exchange. We were so much impressed. We learned many things about human rights. We learned so many things about how we can live with people. How we can have a community that is strong. That can't be broken easily. We found that very important for young people like us, who need to grow up, who are the future."

Narrator: "The alumni helped develop these human rights clubs through the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund, which aims to foster the leadership capacity of exchange program alumni worldwide."

Sharon: "After our exchange when we came back from the U.S. we got in touch with the U.S. embassy. After some time, the Alumni Engagement Fund came up. We worked on human rights. We had an idea of creating clubs in high school. And then we won."