January 16, 2013

International Exchange Alumni


0:02 the state alumni website has a new name

0:05 visit alumni inc dot state dot gov today

0:08 to check out the new international exchange alumni website

0:13 the place where alumni anti-u_s_ government sponsored exchange programs

0:16 come to connect

0:18 tell their stories

0:19 find inspiration and get in power

0:22 international exchange alumni

0:24 is your place interact with other alumni

0:27 once you login you can create and share your home content without them online

0:32 find out what other alumni has shared with you

0:35 you also have exclusive access to all of your favorite resources

0:40 including job and volunteer opportunities

0:42 the grants database

0:48 the online library

0:53 sharon upcoming events we're organizing

0:56 or an alumni update about a project that you just completed

1:00 this is your space

1:01 so have fun with it

1:03 we've also added exciting new resources to help you network and collaborate with

1:08 your peers

1:09 to connect with other alumni because your profile with links to your session

1:13 media kids

1:15 create a project needs to build and share project that you're working

1:20 and finally

1:21 we've created a new publicly featured section were will work with you to share

1:25 the stories of your incredible achievements with a global audience

1:31 your new international exchange alumni website

1:34 get inspired

1:36 get connected

1:37 and make a difference in your world