February 4, 2013

Shaping the Future of the Kyrgyz Republic


Nadia: “My name is Nadia Depak, my full name, Nadia Depak but I go by Nadia. And I come from Kyrgyzstan and I did my FLEX year in 2009-2010. When I returned back home from my FLEX year, I started to think and look at everything differently, from a different perspective. And Unity fund is the initiative group young people started by FLEX alumni who cannot stay apart, whatever is happening. Because, um, I was asked a question, how have you changed the social community in your country and I thought that five hundred members that we have in Unity fund, that’s a change and first of all, it’s a change inside of the young people. And I could see how volunteering and involvement in social life became more and more popular now. We have about six universities who always help us conduct projects together, who gather with us almost every week, who go to talking club and then come to the unity fund meeting. We try to make it on the same day. We meet every week and there’s something going on every week. So one day we can plant trees, the other day we can go to the elderly house, the third day we can do flash mob against domestic violence. It’s something that we ask students to give us ideas and we make these ideas projects. So I think this concept is very important because students, once they are interested, they will be doing good things. And I think Unity fund’s success is that we really try to involve young people and their interests.