August 14, 2015

SheCab: A Product of Cross-Cultural Exchange


My name is Eleanor Jones. I’m a senior at Saint Mary’s College. I’m a Global Studies major and last summer I participated in SUSI as a credit seeking student, so I took classes with the participants.

During the program each of the delegations from each of the countries over the five weeks has to develop kind of a capstone project. And while they were here the Jordanian delegation met this woman named Gail, who is a female driver in South Bend. And she made them feel so comfortable being so far away from home. And they said, “Oh, we need to bring Gail to Jordan!” So that’s where they got their idea that SheCab is a company for women, by women. So it provides women a means of travel when they need to go anyway so it’s just a worry free way to get them where they need to go.

So we got to see the idea flourish from the beginning, but we didn’t get involved until near the end. The administrative staff at Saint Mary’s helped them with their business plan and when I found out they were going to Jordan. I said I have to go; I want to go and I want to see the SUSI women. When we went there we just got so inspired by what they did, so me and Emily Beaudoin, another student, decided that we wanted to fundraise for them, to show them that we still support them even though the program has ended.

Since Saint Mary’s is an all women’s college, the priority of women’s safety is very top of our list. I think just mentioning that these women were inspired here at Saint Mary’s, you know, showed us some pride in our school and also it got people interested in SUSI and the exchange so, yeah. It just started the conversation which I think is important.